Old ideas can sometimes use new buildings.
New ideas must use old buildings.
— Jane Jacobs

While housed in one of the most historic and iconic buildings in Oklahoma City, the Tower Studio is all about The New: new media, new happenings, new ways of thinking, and more.


Podcasting, Social Video, and Live Streaming are just a few examples of the content we produce. These are some of the most popular and most consumed types of content in today's world, making them invaluable tools for getting your message out there. Mystified by these new digital thingamabobs? No problem. To us, they’re as easy as Sunday morning.


The Tower Studio is a perfect location for quiet and intimate events. Designed to be visually and acoustically pleasing, and outfitted with state-of-the-art audio and visual capabilities, everything is game: Listening Room Performances, Meetings - it’s all on the table.


Just need some space? A quiet place to flush out an idea? Somewhere to nurture your inspiration? Our main room is open and spacious, allowing for a wide variety of uses that we can’t even begin to list here. Ok, well, if you insist…here are a few ideas: Recording Sessions, Private Instruction, One-on-One Meetings, Table Reads, Private Screenings, Art Showings, and more.


The Details...

  • Live Audio Streaming
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Refreshment Bar (Sponsored by Anthem Brewing, Ozarka Water, Elemental Coffee, Urban Teahouse, and Prairie Wolf Spirits)
  • Vinyl Library and Playback
  • Studio Cat
  • Approximately 800 sq/ft
  • Integrated audio recording
  • Integrated video recording
  • A/V Playback
  • Art hanging system
  • Seating for 30
  • Notable historic building
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